youngbr said:
Japaneses are weird.
I don't understand what they have against home consoles, they are missing amazing experiences.

Luckily the rest of the world stepped up. Japan's importance as a market for home consoles has severely diminished. Japan went from being responsible for 21.1% of PS1's to just 8.2% of PS4's, with the PS4 being the more successful product.

Same with Nintendo, 34.9% of SNES's were sold in Japan, only 12.6% of Wii's.

Once the PS4's sales finish, even without the Japanese region sales at all, it will still end up as the second best selling home console of all time. That's pretty crazy. How times have changed.

PS4 : Japan - 8.56m, ROTW - 18.48m.

That PS4 has sold over twice as many units in ROTW than Japan is also crazy...