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One of my favourite games of all time, remade to look f*ing awesome and I'm not hyped or excited as I should be. Different gameplay, different story, different locals, fewer characters (Red is in Midgar SquEnix, where is he?), having to change how the game was paced because it's split into 3 parts to get as much (£) from us as possible, also meaning there is confusion over how characters level and how it works between games. "Remake." or different game with same characters.

I heard rumours of traditional ATB combat in it but all they do is talk about button mashing crap in promotion. Shiva is controlable? Why just summon her and have her do damage then leave, why are they adding FFX and 12 summon mechanic to FF7?

And all this means we probably won't even see FF16 until PS6.

Hmm, pie.