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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:

I'll just point 2 things.

Yes it is quite obvious that PC is more flexible since you can go the full spectrum of parts to do what is best suited for your need =p . But you can't deny that when you go for the specific metric of easy, power/price point, etc consoles have an edge, mainly because the console manufacturers sell at a loss what they bought in bulk with a big discount you won't see. Also for most people the specs a base PS4/X1 have and still able to play AAA games 7 years after release on a very competent result is harder on PC.

Second one, you know that PS4 is portable as well, I'm certain you have seem some ludicrous mod that people made to play PS4 on the go. Like this

Cost for the mid-range tier of performance is the consoles main advantage.

But you can get cheaper lower-end PC's which still have access to decades worth of games.

As for hardware longevity... If you bought a PC with a Radeon 7850/7870, I think you would be very happy with how long that rig has lasted... My spare/secondary rig with a Core i7 3930K is older than the 8th gen consoles and will be capable of playing games from the 9th gen...

Also those portable setups don't exactly allow you to "play on the go". - You still need to plug into mains power.

And on the lower-end you besides getting the 30 or 40 years of library you will still be able to play a good number of new games.

On longevity well your PC that lasted for so long was quite a little more expensive than a console =p

Some of those on the go had humungous battery so they were "portable", but yes it is more of a joke.

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