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Azzanation said:
There is something in a name, adding numbers isnt a way to show it.
Numbers can make a product feel old in comparison to something with a unique name.

Names like Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Gamecube, N64 etc to someone that doesnt know the age of those systems will believe there recent compared to a PS2 which is soon to be 3 numbers behind the current system.

I for one support creative names, it makes a system feel unique and special compared to lets say a iPhone 3 or Samsung S4 etc. Numbers are easy however it ages the previous models considerably and makes people believe you just need the latest one.

Anyway thats my take.

So you're saying that using numbers works perfectly?  Because any business wants people to think they need the latest release.  For that reason, the rest of what you said is largely irrelevant.  

At the end of the day, a "creative name" means nothing.  People don't care.  They'll buy an iPhone 7 or whatever else, as long as they think it's the best product for them.  The real goal for a business should be to not confuse the customer or create a negative connotation.  

Last edited by pokoko - on 17 December 2019