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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Pyro as Bill said:
This was supposed to be one of the worst days in history for a PM and he just smashed the opposition.

Geoffrey Cox and Dom Cummings were supposed to be getting the chop before the day finished and yet both are on top of the world. The media and political commentators have no idea what world they're in.

This disgraceful, cowardly parliament isn't fit to sit. They have no honour.

They can try all the tricks they want. These Turkeys can't stop time and unfortunately for them, Christmas is Coming.

Once Boris wins the election, all the remainer bullshit will be repealed and Tony Blair's silly little court will be smashed so we can go back to real English Law instead of the meme judges and their brooches.

Now that's a big "if". And an even bigger if is to get any kind of majority with about 30% of the votes and some additional 10-15% from the Brexit party and DUP. The Tories rose to high 30's after Johnson got elected but are coming crashing down since he humiliated himself in Luxembourg, his failed Prorogation, not being able to win any votes in Parliament...

I do agree that the UK will leave without a Deal - but that's all due to being totally headless right now and no direction has a majority. Not No Deal (Tories and Brexit Party, maybe DUP), not Corbyn and his own version of a deal, not remain (LibDems, SNP, Sinn Fein, Green, Plaid Cymru). And a new election will just make it worse and solve nothing, as both the big parties loose a lot while the smaller ones win quite a bit, making the balance of powers even more even than they were before. So, still headless, still unable to do anything, let alone bring the country forward. It just brings the UK out of the EU since nobody is there to make a deal or get it through parliament since it's so fractured on the theme of Brexit.

All the things the media/political analysts thought hurt Boris actually boosted him.

It's been clear since October that Boris was going to get a huge majority.

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