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VAMatt said:
MS doesn't want to do simple numbers, because they'd have to have a lower number than PS. So, they choose more creative names. They don't do a great job of it, but they try.

Maybe they should call the next one XBox 6, just to be ahead of Sony. Or, they could just count up every significant hardware revision, and call it the XB 10 (or whatever the number would be).

Are you sure?

Xbox One? Doesnt get much more simple than that. Last time i looked four was bigger than one. I know MS tried to convey a message. How this turned is a story told many times. A tragic tale of betrayal and foolhardiness. 

Not doing a great job... is putting it mildly. I mean, when hearing "Xbox1" no none gamer folk would think "oh its Microsoft All in One multimedia thingy". People like to point at Nintendos WiiU for bad marketing, attributing the name it was given. What about Microsoft and their Xbox1? 

It will get even more confusing.

PS5. Done.

Hunting Season is done...