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curl-6 said:
Ended up getting a month impulsively as I'm desperate for anything to keep my mind off the tumor.
I've had my profile redone several times by friends to try to make it better but I think I'm simply too ugly to ever get any real success.

Aw baby no dont ever say stuff like that. In my experience, it sounds cringey and stuous but the times I really felt like dating I wasn't finding anything interesting or it wasnt working out. And literally out of the blue sometimes it happens. Like when I was super active on tinder idk I feel like I wasnt looking for the right reasons. You know sometimes you feel like being with someone in times of nervousness like I do sometimes during intense periods in school or whatever.  But in all honesty I dont think it's a good idea to date in these times cause you have to take into account the other person's feelings and your motives and if you will just end up hurting someone else.