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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

We will agree to disagree on the resolution/display thing.

You can disagree as much as you want. It's besides the point... At the end of the day I have provided the necessary evidence to backup my claims, you have not, thus I am the only one with a legitimate argument.

I am not here to change your mind, I am here to debate the arguments you put forth... Not for you, nor me, but for other Forum users who may be reading this unfolding discussion.

Mr Puggsly said:

You don't understand what I was saying about GPU bottleneck. You made the point base X1 struggles to achieve 1080p, not relevant but agreed. The X1X on the otherhand can handle similar visuals at much higher resolutions. Hence, X1X has less GPU bottneck issues.

The logic is X1X can hit the highly coveted 1080p resolution often with plenty of GPU power to spare. Thats why there are numerous titles that offer a 60 fps mode at 1080p.

Hence, X1X's massive GPU boost along with a less impressive CPU boost means more games can achieve 60 fps and maybe at 1080p or higher. But the CPU power still isnt there to push all X1 games to 60 fps.

No. You don't understand.
The Xbox One X still has a GPU bottleneck.

The only time it doesn't have a GPU bottleneck is when it's at a locked resolution (I.E. No dynamic resolution shenanigans) and locks at 60fps with an additional GPU rendertime overhead... And that is a very rare thing that generally never happens.

And the same applies to the Original Xbox One.

Or we could put that every single HW is both CPU and GPU bottlenecked because there will always be stuff you could do with more of both that you can't with what you have.

In some cases (depending on game design and choices) you have to limit framerate, in others the resolution, in others the effects or textures. Basically in some situations CPU is more of a bottleneck and in others the GPU is.

Considering X1X compared to X1 had a 4x bump on GPU but a very small one in CPU we could say that it is more CPU limited than GPU so it will run games at similar fps but with better graphics, and in situations X1 is almost capable of doing 60fps in a game but for smoothness they capped at 30 locked the X1X will do 60fps with that small gain in CPU and still be able to put twice as much resolution (4x more GPU, half advantage used due to double FPS and the other half to double the pixelcount).

Still anyone will say that if they made the decision to make that game that is 30 fps on X1 still be 30fps on X1X so they have similar gameplay experience (let's say it have multiplayer elements) then it can just put 4x more resolution or effects - that is when you go from 1080p on X1 to true 4k on X1X.

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