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I really like the name Playstation. Numbering them thereafter makes sense, although one could argue it lacks creativity.

I've never liked the name Xbox. I understand its origin, but it sounds like something an 11 year old would come up with: "I'm gonna invent the baddest video game system ever and call it XBOX!" Same with the look of the first system and its big "X" aesthetic. However, for whatever reason, I think the name "Xbox 360" sounds damn cool. After that, the numbering and now the "Series X" monikers are just too confusing for their own good.

Nintendo's consoles were all fine, including the Wii which was unique and catchy with its quirkiness. But the name WiiU is garbage, and the reasoning behind it (Wii - as in everyone, meets U - the core gamer) is just stupid. Gameboy was a pretty cool name (a play on the Walkman) and Nintendo's other handhelds were ok I guess (3DS is clever following its predecessor).

Sega Genesis was one of the best named systems of all time in my opinion (Mega Drive not so much though). Dreamcast... well, it's not that it sounds bad, but it reminds me too much of some pro fishing pole: "Caught me a good 8-pounder today with muh Dreamcast". Master System and Saturn were nothing special.

As for everyone else nothing really stood out as good or clever. I personally liked the ring of TurboGrafx-16, but both it and its name in Japan (PC Engine) made it sound more powerful than it really was.