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The_Liquid_Laser said:

The names of the consoles reveal the strategy that the company is using. Let's start with Sony.  PS1, PS2, PS3, etc....  It seems predictable, but that is actually Sony's strategy.  Predicatable = reliable.  You know what you are getting with a PS5, for example.  It's going to be just like a PS4, but more powerful.  A lot of people like that reliable nature for Playstation so that makes it a good strategy.

Being seen as new and fresh isn't always a bad thing though.
Case in point: Wii, DS, Switch. - They all ditched the baggage from their previous system naming convention and also sold like gangbusters.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

The XBox names are all style and no substance, which is very much what the XBox strategy is as well.  Their third console is called XBox One.  The more I think about it, the more moronic it seems.  It sounds cool at first though.  It's basically empty marketing, without a lot of guarantees, which reflects the XBox strategy as a whole.

The entire point if the Xbox One name was to be the "One" place for all your entertainment needs, whether it was gaming, movies, tv shows, social media.

Obviously the name didn't catch on... And oft-confused with the Original Xbox which now required "Original" to precede the name "Xbox" so people knew what you were talking about.

And that does reflect Microsoft's strategy somewhat.

But I agree, it is a moronic name and reflected Microsoft's lack of commitment to pure gaming at the time... I just wish Microsoft would actually catch on that "Xbox" was a good name. "Xbox 360" was also a good name.

Xbox One was not a good name.
Xbox Series X is also not a good name. (And I often accidentally call it Xbox One series X which compounds the issue.)

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Nintendo I find most interesting of all.  Each console has a different strategy, and it is revealed in the name (except maybe Gamecube...not sure what that strategy is).  The systems thought up by Iwata often have double meanings on top of that.

Switch - You can switch between home and handheld mode.  I also think they intend gamers to switch from Playstation to Nintendo.  The latter is my personal speculation and still remains to be seen.

Well the Switch name itself isn't really a reflection of the platform anymore... As now there are Switch consoles that don't... Well. Switch.

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