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AsGryffynn said:
JRPGfan said:
UK trade with other nations =

EU makes up 60% of import trade, 55%+ export trade for the UK (indirect ties, and its higher than 55%).
US makes up 8% of import trade, 13% of export trade for the UK.

The EU is a huge part of trade for the UK.
I dont get why you would want to leave without a deal in place, this can cause huge impacts on the economy.

Same reason I want the US off the podium: it might be crap at the start, but depending on a single benefactor is never a good sign. I want to be able to say "well, I don't like it! F*** you!" and look for someone else. 

You realise that you cant just always go trade with other people right?
Others might not want the goods you sell, or not value them as much as your current partners do.
Also theres the logistics of it, some goods cant handle going half way around the world, if their processed in the UK, or might spoil on the trip.
This results in productiong moveing away from the UK (loss of jobs) and restructing of what it can trade/produce.

Overall its gonna have a impact, when you transition.

Thats before you have to factor in that in the EU theres alot of protections, that mean everyone that trades, do it on same terms.
In the US the UK will have to compete with lower wages, GMO crops, ect ect.

This will result in less gains pr item traded. (or lowered wages, so UK can compete)

The UK is gonna be alot poorer for its "right to choose, where it goes", because ironically the terms it had in the EU was pretty great.

Also the US had terms, when they proposed a trade deal.
From a position of strength, the US is gonna screw over the UK in any deal they make imo.

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