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I enjoy many games like this but it still annoys me.

Common denominator games - The casual game anyone can play, thus sales will be better.

I want a strategy game to be brutal, but able to be learned. I want an RPG that would take literally 100s of hours to complete, as long as the whole process is fun. I want games to take risks with sex, nudity, realistic pain/gore, and other subject matter as long as it is legal. I often like a game or a game franchise, and then later games in the series completely casualize it and capitalize on big sales.

Another cliche I don't like is when games get to floaty/ bouncy. While often reviewers and fans alike will call the controls too stiff, in the end the controls are realistic and part of the fun. I think both stiff and floaty games can be fun, but all too often it swings too hard the other way.