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I dont see absolutely nothing wrong with #2 as it adds immediate dept to a character and it saves time for its development - since its not the focus of the game - and yet said character still is developed, as it happened to Joe in TLOU. Its a narrative tool, not a narrative flaw. And in that sense its a damn useful tool.
I also dont see an issue with #4 provided it leads to somewhere and its not just a waste of time to annoy the player, as it was presented in FFXV's chapter 13 when it first came out. I think it has being patched ever since.

In the same line of the ideas you are posting, my main issue - when it comes to narrative - is with supporting character that add nothing to you - as a player - to the overall story of the game, and to your character's experience. Case in point, most supportive characters in every Pokemon game. Ever since Gold/Silver they seem to have struggled to create a viable "rival" character to the point players consider "N" a well written character even tho its as basic as it can be.
It wasnt an issue because most Pokemon games have no story to speak of, but sun/moon shoved too many interactions with irrelevant characters that wasted so-much-time.