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Machina said:

This night is for my nan, who died earlier this year before her vote to leave was enacted, thinking (as I did) that it was going to be overturned, her death and those of other voters like her cheered on by the more unpleasant parts of the remain campaign.

I wish she was alive to see that the games the remain side have played since 2016 have all been for nought and we will now leave. She helped to correct what she viewed as her generation's mistake to join (or more accurately, to remain; MPs took us in without a vote in the first place) in 2016. This is for you nan x

Why did she view it as a mistake? (did she ever say?)

The 1960's economy in the UK was in the dumps, and the EU helped giveing them favorable deals time and time again.
It was obviously good for jobs/economy of the nation.