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Mr Puggsly said:

Exclusives do increase console sales, they don't account for an entire userbase. Nor does every exclusive sale account for a console sale.

We should also take into consideration many console bundles have become multiplat games.

I feel like the point is being missed. Especially when I said word of mouth, success early on and buying the console your peers have is also relevant.

I am not disagreeing with your intrinsic point that Multiplats make up the bulk of game purchases for a particular platform.

But any informed consumer will opt for a platform based on a myriad of reasons... And one of those reasons will be exclusives or backwards compatibility or the fastest hardware or the cheapest price or because their friends own that console. Or whatever.

You do need exclusives though, it's been the achilles heel for the Xbox One for years and the lack of such does tarnish a brands reputation which has a flow-on effect.

HollyGamer said:

If PC has come in many configuration, size from small, big, simple, handled size, pocket size, ? Why are you dismissing the aspect dimension of PS4/Xbox One , the expect of thermal philosophy, aspect of power wattage, TDP etc etc that we has been discussed here, you refuse to compare PS4 has small form factor, low wattage, low thermal heat compared to the same performance of desktop PC GPU? Or maybe you cannot find similar costume design that PS4/Xbox One has by the time they release?? :) :) :) hmmmm????

It's because the PC comes in all shapes and sizes that I am disregarding your point that the consoles are different than the PC based on Form Factor/Power Consumption/Thermal Characteristics and more.

HollyGamer said:

You know what, i have a lot of PHD friend and professor  in airplane engineering who cannot fix a toaster or chemical engineer who cannot even do a proper math. It doesn't mean if you are smart in one particular area you are very smart in the rest of the area. Even Einstein only good in one particular area. 

Your knowledges blind you, above a cloud there is always a cloud , above the cloud there is always another layer of atmosphere etc etc. 

I don't care who you know. It's irrelevant.

If you need to delve into Ad Hominem (Your 3rd logical fallacy) in order to try and win an argument, then you have lost said argument. It's that simple.

LudicrousSpeed said:
You can’t compare the Xbone mistakes and their damage to the PS3 mistakes and their damage. For starters, the Xbone mistakes were gargantuan in comparison. There are still people who believe the Xbone cannot play games without an Internet connection. That it still requires you to hook a camera up to monitor you before you can use it.

Second, virtually any mistake you can conjure for PS3, the Xbone also had it. It was too expensive. It wasn’t a tough console to make games on like PS3 but it was weaker which lead to the same results, weaker multi platform games.

Lastly even with the mistakes, PS3 was on pace to outsell the 360 from day one. Meaning Sony had a reliable fanbase and following to rely on for recovery. MS doesn’t have that luxury. They fucked things up right as Sony was doing everything right and have done everything right all gen. Even during the 360 gen MS dropped the ball the last chunk of it going all out Kinect.

The situations aren’t comparable at all and sales show that. As for exclusives of course Pugs is right. They’re important for console health and sales but they aren’t the most important factor by far unless you’re Nintendo and don’t get much third party support. Price and word of mouth are much more important. As sales show, most people this gen didn’t buy a PS4 for Uncharted 4 or GT7, they bought it because their friend plays Madden and CoD on it and they want to play together.

I agree the mistakes Sony did with the Playstation 3 aren't comparable to the Xbox One. They are completely different mistakes (Minus the price issue.)

The Xbox 360 had allot of massive screw-ups (RROD) and it was extremely successful.

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