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d21lewis said:
DonFerrari said:

Sure context is key. And the important part is that MS have been doing, actually invented, what he says he isn't a big fun. And it is fun that he think a 30 day partial content timed exclusivity is worse than a full year of full exclusivity.

As I said he didn't lie in tweet. The presentation of MS at E3 used the strange wording that got people discussing. Then SE couldn't clarify (due to contract). And later when pressed Phill said it was timed. You see that the link you gave is roughly 1 month after E3, which basically shows it wasn't immediately clear that it was timed.

So... You're saying no one gets "F'd in the A". 😢

Do we need someone to be right or wrong so we can each other F'd in the A? Why?

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