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Mr Puggsly said:
DonFerrari said:

No you aren't and shouldn't pretend that is what you made when you go "just a part of the userbase plays the exclusives", it was made to downplay it.

But I would love to see these plenty of other appeals PS4 have over Xbox that justify it being over double the userbase.

I said in a different post the mistakes made by MS early likely played a roll in PS4's momentum this generation. 360 benefitted greatly from PS3's mistakes, right?

And again, PS4's lead isnt just because of the exclusives. They dont sell well enough for that to be the case.

Not sure what you really disagree with.

The mistakes made and corrected in less than 6 months of launch still don't let X1 recover (selling like 40% or less than PS4, actually it lost speed faster), but Sony mistakes in PS3 that took like 3 years to correct they were still able to outsell X360 while being 100 to 200 over the price of it during all this time. Yes makes sense.

Each exclusive selling 10% to 20% of the userbase is quite significative. Even with Nintendo a very few exclusives pass 20% and you recognized that people buy it for the exclusives.

Anyway you didn't show these many advantages that were still occuring after 6 months after launch (and even if you consider 1 day after launch the only real problem was 100 more for kinect, PS3 was 200 more for BD).

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