The bedrock update is out now for ps4 and you do need to link your PS account to a Microsoft account to use the crossplay feature.

The bedrock version kinda sucks though:
- It takes a lot longer to load, runs less smooth and can take a lot of time to draw in more world when you fly around quickly
- World conversion has bugs, here and there a chunk of my world is missing.

- Mine carts move a whole lot slower and keep pausing, not very useful for fast travel and it screws up timing mechanisms everywhere.
- Power rails don't stay lit up as long as before thus more torches needed to fix dead spots
- Beacons don't show until you get close defeating the whole point of them
- Red stone doesn't work the same, some mechanisms have glitch, some don't work at all.
- Stacked pistons don't work anymore

- Glitchy buttons that stay depressed
- No room to convert worlds, you need to delete old ones first and the file size grows to 155% when converted.

That's just what I ran into trying stuff out for an hour. I had hoped I could use this to import my giant world to the pc and use it there. However when half the red stone stuff is misbehaving there is no point. At least you can easily switch back to the old version (under editions at the bottom of the menu) which loads and runs faster. I'll wait until Bedrock is improved before switching.