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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I said in a different post the mistakes made by MS early likely played a roll in PS4's momentum this generation. 360 benefitted greatly from PS3's mistakes, right?

And again, PS4's lead isnt just because of the exclusives. They dont sell well enough for that to be the case.

Not sure what you really disagree with.

Exclusives absolutely matter.

Exclusives can sell consoles.

Halo 3 for example was so popular it actually increased the rate at which Xbox 360 consoles were sold.

If an exclusive game sells 10~ million copies, then 10~ million people find value with their console for that single game, do that over enough 10~ million console sellers and you appeal to an audience larger than just 10~ million.

I entered the Xbox ecosystem in the early 2000's on the back of industry leading exclusives like Halo and Fable and if Microsoft wants to retain me as a consumer, they need to offer me exclusives that keep me interested, otherwise I will just run everything on my PC.

HollyGamer said:

What logical fallacy here??? Care to explain the reason 

I have clearly labelled the particular fallacies in question.

HollyGamer said:

" The PC has different operating requirements than consoles, thus making TDP, Thermal, Dimensions and so forth an irrelevant aspect.
And again, those aspects weren't part of the original argument put forth."

So now you admitted consoles is different from PC LOL 

Just like how a notebook is different from a desktop. Both are still PC's.
Both have different operating environments which influence TDP, Thermals and Dimensions.

Again, your argument is redundant.

Because this is a PC running Windows with x86 components running GTA 5.

And this is a PC that you plug into the back of a display via HDMI. Again, Windows, x86.

And this is a PC:

And this is a PC:

And this is a PC:

And this is a PC:

Starting to get it now?

HollyGamer said:

This the evidence on how Ps4 turn into PC and run games like crap  because an OS like Linux 

Imagine if it's able to run  Windows and run game using Windows it will even be slower , despite the games running well on slower consoles A.K.A Xbox One.

That's not representative of the PC environment though because Quantum Break wasn't the best PC port in regards to performance to start with.

HollyGamer said:

Wikipedia about GNM and GNMX 

" Another key area of the game is its programmable pixel shaders.[8] Sony's own PlayStation Shader Language (PSSL) was introduced to the PlayStation 4.[9] It has been suggested[by whom?] that the PlayStation Shader Language is very similar to the HLSL standard in DirectX 11, with just subtle differences that could be eliminated for the most part through preprocessor macros.[8]

"Sony’s own custom API is more low-level and definitely something that graphics programmers love. It gives you a lot of control. DirectX 12 will be a bit more abstract because it has to work with many different GPUs, while the PS4 API can go down to the metal,” he said. It is important to clarify and note here that Wolfgang's this statement does not mean that Microsoft's DirectX 12 is of no good. In fact he believes that the upcoming API will surely turn out to be great for the Xbox One console."

Please elaborates why i am wrong, you did not help yourself here. I am done with your bias on consoles. You are not expert or even game developer, many smart people are not agreeing with your bias. I am myself a PC and console that never underestimates console nor any game developer has ever underestimates consoles.

Good day to you mate 

If anything... You just proved my point.

Remember the argument was about low-level API's and you have provided the evidence that Sony's Shader Language has allot in common with Direct X 11's format which is... *drum roll* a High-Level API.

Thank you for that.

As for being an expert, I have never claimed any such thing, but I do have credentials. - I am versed in a few programming languages like Objective C, I have reverse engineered shaders for various Gamebryo games in order to allow certain games to run on older hardware and I have dabbled in building a few micro-controllers... And of course, I am a hardware enthusiast who loves all things tech.

And honestly, I do not favor any particular console, so I don't actually have a console bias... But now you are delving into your 3rd logical fallacy.

If PC has come in many configuration, size from small, big, simple, handled size, pocket size, ? Why are you dismissing the aspect dimension of PS4/Xbox One , the expect of thermal philosophy, aspect of power wattage, TDP etc etc that we has been discussed here, you refuse to compare PS4 has small form factor, low wattage, low thermal heat compared to the same performance of desktop PC GPU? Or maybe you cannot find similar costume design that PS4/Xbox One has by the time they release?? :) :) :) hmmmm????

It wasn't the best performance on PC, but Xbox one can run far better than what the video shows, especially when you considered PS4 has 50% advantage on performance and spec overall over Xbox One. I am sure it's not just about hardware.

" If anything... You just proved my point.". Actually i prove you wrong, You said there is no low level API on consoles and consoles don't have any benefit on optimization. 

You know what, i have a lot of PHD friend and professor  in airplane engineering who cannot fix a toaster or chemical engineer who cannot even do a proper math. It doesn't mean if you are smart in one particular area you are very smart in the rest of the area. Even Einstein only good in one particular area. 

Your knowledges blind you, above a cloud there is always a cloud , above the cloud there is always another layer of atmosphere etc etc.