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DonFerrari said:
d21lewis said:
I admit that I do love the Xbox brand but I'm gonna defend Phil anyway. There were times I think he was TOO transparent and it hurt the company. One example was when they got Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive for a year. People asked if it would be coming to PS4 and he was like "Yeah, we have it exclusive for a year.".

People just waited for the PS4 version. Nobody won. He could have and SHOULD have spun it but he didn't.

We know that isn't how it happened. It was due to a very odd exclusivity claim made on E3 that people were questioning and even then they took a long time to confirm it was timed exclusivity.

Plus couple months or so after he said how much he hated timed exclusivity and the like.

That's exactly how it went. First it was spun at E3. When questioned he says it was timed exclusive. Unless there was a time he lied and I missed it, he came clean immediately when asked. I think was on Twitter as well but we can dig up the exact date it was announced and the exact date he said it wasn't exclusive, this being the internet and all. 

*Edit* did some googling. E3 was June 10-12 2014. 

This article was August 13, 2014

Can't find the tweet where some guy asked if it was exclusive and Phil replied that it wasn't--mainly because there were so many people asking the same thing.

In any case, if you can show me an example between announcement date and the date of this article where Phil lied, I will concede that you F'd me in the A. If not, YOU  just got F'd in the A!!

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