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Xxain said:
You guys are ridiculous.

I watched the entire thing and Minor differences in picture quality should be expected from people who will be game streaming and with technology this young annnnd from a company taking its major first steps into the industry. Stadia is like the Switch in that its usability/flexibility is its key feature and not power. These are beginner kinks that will be ironed out over time.

Very optimistic of you :)

I'd argue that the input stuff, cant be done away with, laws of physics dictate that local run hardware will always have the advantage.
Even in FF15, DF guys tells you its noticeable.

Compression artifacts.... yes you can do away with them, if you stop compressing data.
The drawback is data usage will explode then.

Right now Stadia uses like 7GB - 21GB pr hour.  (1080p, 4k)
Thats with compression... if you ran it uncompressed... jeez.

Non of these issues are gonna get fixed anytime soon Xxain.

Also I'd say these arnt "Minor differences in picture quality" but rather large ones.