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Mnementh said:

Second round of hints for the unguessed games.

#24 Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Return to Zork


a) The only Wii entry (well, besides Virtual console releases) in this classic series featuring magic, shapeshifters and kingdoms.

b) Silver-haired maiden.


a) This is the first entry in a series, where you command a group of units through various missions.

b) Steal… *ahem* research the technology from defeated enemies.

#21 Guessed by Darashiva: Deus Ex: Human Revolution


a) Prior to the release of the newest entry a few months ago, this game was the best-selling entry in an old series.

b) Three characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

23.  Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn?

20.  Fire Emblem Fates?