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HollyGamer said:

I am not moving goal post , are you trying to move goalpost yourself by accusing someone moving goal post ??? 

Now you are trying to employ circular logic which is also a logical fallacy.
You aren't off to a good start here.
Two logical fallacies in a row.

HollyGamer said:

It seems you afraid admitted that tdp, thermal , and dimension of physics object is  part of HARDWARE SPEC

The PC has different operating requirements than consoles, thus making TDP, Thermal, Dimensions and so forth an irrelevant aspect.
And again, those aspects weren't part of the original argument put forth.

At the end of the day the Playstation 4 is not doing anything that I wouldn't expect a Radeon 7850/7870 to handle.
And at the end of the day the Xbox One X is not doing anything that I wouldn't expect a Radeon RX 580 to handle.

More than happy to provide more evidence to prove that fact.

It completely undermines the "console optimization secret sauce". - Which was once true before the PC got more efficient software (Direct X 12, Mantle, Vulkan, Improved Drivers, Windows 10 enhancements and more.) and consoles got more PC-like (PC API's, OS's and Hardware.)

I mean heck. The Playstation 4 still needs separate Ram and a separate ARM CPU just to handle background tasks in conjunction with the reserved Ram and CPU cores for the OS stuff. - And you think the PC is inefficient? At-least Microsoft isn't as wasteful in that regard with the Xbox, but still far from ideal.

HollyGamer said:

The fact consoles is a close system is just proves consoles is still consoles period. And also PS4 and Xbox One are indeed made using  "semi" costume processor LOL

If you want to get technical, the consoles ARE a PC. A PC being a "Personal Computer".

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One are derived from technology that AMD designed primarily for the PC.

The chips thus have more in common with a desktop AMD APU than not, that's the real facts.

HollyGamer said:

I am not Saying PS4  hardware is less capable running the games using Linux , it's just PS4 when running  Steam games a need to work twice using Linux. That's not the case if the games is using GNMX on PS4 which is the proprietary of PS4 low level API.

You need to provide the evidence that Steam games running on linux need to "work twice" (Whatever the hell that means!)

GNMX is basically a group of wrappers that sits on top of GNM to make life easier for developers, it's essentially comparable to Direct X 11 from a developers end point.

The more you know.

HollyGamer said:

Again, you are using Xbox as an example, Microsoft has been using directX api evn in their consoles that's why Xbox is bad example on how console can do. 

Xbox has a low level API. It's not all just Direct X.

HollyGamer said:

AgaThen you mentioned GM and GNMX wich is low level API, so you have been arguing yourself lol. 


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