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thismeintiel said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Yes, thank you for proving my point. Even the most popular Sony exclusives are only played by a fraction of the userbase.

What kind of argument is that? Every single game only sells to a portion of the userbase. It's like saying "it wouldn't matter if PS4/XBO didn't have  RDR2 because it only sells to less than 15% of the userbase." It's just a ridiculous argument.

Sony's quality exclusives are a big reason people are choosing the PS4 over the XBO. Are there other reasons? Sure. And varies from person to person, but exclusives are definitely in most people's Top 3 reasons.

I think the reasoning is rather sound. I'd roughly estimate that 80-90% of games sold are 3rd party games. Exclusives are great and do add value to a console but they're not a sole reason why a person will choose one console over the other. My Friends picked xbox first this gen simply because I did despite historically being Playstation gamers (One has both now while the other simply just got a Switch). I'd even put price above it.