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HollyGamer said:

Did that PC you mentioned has the same spec?  I bet that PC build like tower, has thermal more than PS4 and required a lot power wattage and high decibel sound.

Who cares, honestly? None of that was really part of the original argument put forth, thus making it a goal-post shifting logical fallacy anyway.

HollyGamer said:

Console did their job with limited  spec. the main point of consoles is running less powerful hardware to match or close the gap with better spec on PC. If there is some games not doing their jobs is not the fault of the hardware but game developer.

The point is. The consoles really aren't doing that anymore, not since console manufacturers abandoned semi-custom/custom processors.

The Xbox One X for example isn't doing anything I wouldn't expect out of a Radeon RX 580.

HollyGamer said:

Try google " Linux steam games run on  PS4 ",  The games run super slow on PS4 compared to the same multi platform ps4 games that release on PS4 and made /optimize directly to consoles.  

That will of course happen. It's called a "bad port". Doesn't mean the hardware is any less capable.

HollyGamer said:

PC  need to process twice because they need run windows and other programs while execute gaming API, while consoles only run game application.   

No they don't. Don't spread false information.

Let us take the Xbox One for example... It runs the Microsoft Windows 10 kernel, then a hypervisor with two partitions, one partition contains another software stack to run Xbox One games, the other for Universal Windows apps.

And of course it will run the Xbox 360 OS and OG Xbox OS as well depending on need.

The Xbox will of course also run Direct X 11 and 12 depending on what developers have opted for... And even has a low-level API.

The Playstation 4 on the other hand leverages FreeBSD which is a PC operating system and runs with two graphics API's. Aka. gnm and gnmx...

Both consoles also have graphics drivers as well.

In short, both consoles are using monolithic PC operating Systems, with PC derived API's, graphics drivers and more.
Which means the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are CPU and memory hungry, reserving 1-2 CPU cores and 3GB+ of Ram, which is much more than Windows 7/10 will happily run with.

DialgaMarine said:
This just seems like a horrible strategy for Xbox at this point. If it hasn’t become blatantly obvious, Sony doesn’t care about minor hardware differences. They’ve seen major success by focusing on developing quality exclusives and maintaining great third party relations. MS intentionally keeping dev kits out of the hands of third parties sounds eerily similar to Nintendo and the GC at launch. Pushing third parties away will only drive them to optimize their games best on PS5, and the better hardware will mean little. Personally, I think this is false fanboy hopes, but who really knows..

No one should care about minor hardware differences, the consumer won't notice the difference in a game... So it's more or less a problem for the developer.

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