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Pemalite said:
konkari said:

I think it is PC which will be surprised. PS5 and Scarlet are clearly out to challenge the PC in specs, and in 2020 this package with optimized software will simply stomp over anything that there is available on other platforms. This will be a problem for MS, not so much for Sony.

We hear this every console generation. It never really materializes to much.

I mean... A large amount of console gamers on this very forum thought the Playstation 4 exceeded PC's at the time because it had "8GB of GDDR5" when PC's didn't. - Or because of the extra ACE units in the GPU that was like some special secret sauce.

It didn't amount to much. Heck, it never played games past 1080P.

The fact is... Whilst consoles are leveraging PC technology, consoles will never be able to match a high-end PC. - Consoles have a fixed monetary budget in what they can throw around, PC does not.
PC also doesn't have TDP or size limitations like consoles either.

The "optimization" consoles get doesn't actually make the hardware more capable than it already is... Which is why a Radeon 7850/7870/270/270x/370/x370x (Similar class as a modern RX 460/560) is giving us a similar experience to the PS4. Sure same games will run better on the PS4, some games will run and look better on PC, that's down to the developer... But never did the PS4 give us an experience that would have made it competitive with the Radeon RX 580 for example from just sheer "optimizations" alone.

Did that PC you mentioned has the same spec?  I bet that PC build like tower, has thermal more than PS4 and required a lot power wattage and high decibel sound.

Console did their job with limited  spec. the main point of consoles is running less powerful hardware to match or close the gap with better spec on PC. If there is some games not doing their jobs is not the fault of the hardware but game developer.

Try google " Linux steam games run on  PS4 ",  The games run super slow on PS4 compared to the same multi platform ps4 games that release on PS4 and made /optimize directly to consoles.  

PC  need to process twice because they need run windows and other programs while execute gaming API, while consoles only run game application.