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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

@Technarchy - I don't believe X1 being less powerful than PS4 was the biggest problem X1 had at launch. I'd say being $499 was a much bigger problem. X1 sales could have been boosted early on if they excluded Kinect at launch for $399.

It was part of the problem.
The Xbox One being slower and more expensive is a taste that didn't sit with many consumers.
Throw in Kinect which no one wanted, always-online DRM and a convoluted UI... Lack of exclusives... And well. You get the gist.

When X1X was released it seemed as if MSFT acknowledged the errors of the X1 launch.

Now, right before Scarlett, we again see these distractions with “Services” like XCloud and Gamepass. To some extent, I dont think these American corporations can help themselves. 

The irony, MSFT at their most focused (X360) was also their most successful.