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Jaicee said:
sethnintendo said:

I live in Round Rock right outside Austin. I mainly call people hipsters that wear tight jeans and have beards.

So if you don't look like a tool then you aren't a hipster.  I never thought girls could qualify as hipsters. I thought it was based on being male with beard and lady jeans size pants.

Here's the WikiHow guide to hipsterism for the femyles.

According to WikiHow's guide, I'm currently fulfilling 8 out of the 11 elements of the hipster dress code. (Differences include that I don't often do necklaces or scarves and absolutely never do purses, however "interesting".)

Hmm. Reading through this makes it seem like "hipster" is basically just another word for artist or art fanatic.

I just read that an aspiring artist just ate another artist's 120k exhibit in Miami Beach area which was a banana duct taped to the wall.  If you want to call that art then I'll start duct taping fruit to the wall.