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Mr Puggsly said:

@Technarchy - I don't believe X1 being less powerful than PS4 was the biggest problem X1 had at launch. I'd say being $499 was a much bigger problem. X1 sales could have been boosted early on if they excluded Kinect at launch for $399.

It was part of the problem.
The Xbox One being slower and more expensive is a taste that didn't sit with many consumers.
Throw in Kinect which no one wanted, always-online DRM and a convoluted UI... Lack of exclusives... And well. You get the gist.

Trumpstyle said:
Pemalite said:
Flops are irrelevant.

So you getting Lockhart over Anaconda I guess :)

I will buy the fastest console that gets released. Flops is irrelevant to that.

A GPU with less flops can be more powerful than a GPU with more flops. - I mean I have only demonstrated that with evidence how many times on this forum? You being on the receiving end of that more than once, I would thought you would have taken a bit more notice.

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