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crissindahouse said:
I like the idea how it will be such a problem with Lockhart while you will be able to play the same games on 536 different PC configurations and no dev will tell you how it's so much work to develop for all these configs.

Or the Switch with 307.2Mhz, 384Mhz, 460Mhz, 768Mhz CPU clocks with either a 1333Mhz or 1600Mhz memory clock modes.

HollyGamer said:

Simple answer, Developer are worried  games will be made using Lockhart as standar more so using Xbox One as baseline. Scaling game design is impossible especially if the  CPU is not even the same. Lockhart to Anaconda probably can, but Jaguar to Ryzen 3 . LOL 

Many effects are driven by the CPU. - Thus you can retain the same game design with a weaker CPU.
Would you like me to list some examples?

thismeintiel said:

No they don't.  They have a baseline of what they are aiming for.  They just give you options to turn certain effects off and lower the resolution so you can attempt to get it to run on lower spec machines.  They aren't testing all of these out.  If your PC doesn't run it well, they aren't going in to make specific changes to get it to work, you just need to update your HW.  On the Lockhart, they will have to do extensive testing on it to getting it running 1440p/30fps/60fps on a system that has a much weaker GPU and significantly less RAM.  Sure, you probably will get games that drop into the 20fps range and have variable resolutions, but MS isn't going to be happy if this consistently happens, or the games are dropping into the teens on fps and 720p for the resolution.  That will turn gamers off from getting this "next-gen" system.

This is why devs, not just gamers, are complaining about this.  They feel it's going to hold back their games and/or cause them to put more resources into getting those games running on Lockhart.

There are plenty of games that run and look like ass on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 as developers focused on the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro variants of their games.

It is entirely down to the developer and what they are willing to do.

HollyGamer said:

I hope developer target Lockhart (that equal to PS4 pro)  as 1080p and 30fps machine, so it can focus on graphic fidelity, and Anaconda will do the resolution and frame rates enhancement. 

But if Microsoft asked developer to make Lockhart as 1440p machine, then it will be wasted on resolution but run with PS4/Xbox One graphic and Anaconda is will be just as useless.

So i still not agree with this lockhart, But i do like it if Microsoft planning to release another Scarlet X like how Sony might able to release midgen PS5 upgrade along the line. It's better, because Anaconda and PS5 will be the baseline instead lockhart and PS5 pro and Scarlet X will be the enhancer like PS4pro and Xbox One X was.

Scalability can happen only on resolution and frame rates as well some post processing effect, but scalability cannot work on game design. They are some games that cannot scale up due to their games design. Lockhart to Anaconda might be OK , but if Microsoft targeting Xbox One as baseline then it will jeopardize future game design and hampering the progress of new type of games that could have never been made on PS4/Xbox One generation. 

What gives you the impression that Lockhart will just be a rebadged Playstation 4 Pro?

Also. Scalability can work on game design.

Case in point. Battlefield. - 7th gen multiplayer matches had less players per map with much reduced "interactivity: (I.E. Physics) verses the comparative 8th gen releases.

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