KBG29 said:
think-man said:
I will continue to support Sonys strategy. MS strategy is about as far from what i want as possible. If Sony adapt it, I'll move to Nintendo as my primary. Since they're actually releasing good stuff that I like for once.

I really have a hard time understanding this mindset. What is the difference between Sony and Microsoft's strategy? Looking through everything they offer, they are almost identical.

Both companies are offering at least a 1080p console and a 4K console. Both companies are offering games Via Physical, Digital, and Subscription. Both companies are offering access to games via the cloud or remote play to your personal hardware. Both companies offer a pay walled online service, delivering online multiplayer, bundled games, and cloud storage. Both companies are investing heavily into 1st party development, and exclusive IP. 

The only differences I see are, Microsoft is bringing their games natively to PC, allowing you to access your library in more places, while Sony is pushing into the VR space and offering a new spin on games. 

I don't understand where this major divergence between the two is. Going forward, both companies will be offering multiple revisions throughout the platform life cycle, both companies will continue to expand their subscription and cloud services, and both companies will continue to invest in new exclusive IP. 

Help me understand what Microsoft is doing that Sony is not also doing, or started doing well before Microsoft.

Almost identical?  Have you not been paying attention?  Sony has been focusing on high quality exclusives, and it has been paying off in millions upon millions in sales, both HW and SW.  MS output has been lacking in both quantity and quality for the past 3 years.  Spending years on games, only for them to turn out mediocre at best.  And no, just buying up studios doesn't help how MS oversees those studios.  Sony obviously has a bigger focus on pushing HW, with a streaming option there if you want to take advantage of it.  MS, on the other hand, is more focused on streaming.  Sure, they are coming out with HW, but that isn't their main focus. They made that clear when they said the new studios were mostly about getting more content on GamePass/xCloud, and by putting all of their games going forward onto PC.

In my eyes, MS is not fully embracing next-gen HW.  Most likely because they think they are still not going to beat Sony, and it doesn't matter as they turn the focus to GamePass/xCloud.  Their launch games aren't going to be exclusive to Scarlett, pushing the system to its fullest, instead they are using XBO as the base.  And even after their devs move away from this gen, they still have to develop for a much weaker system in the Lockhart.

And VR might not seem like much, but it shows that MS isn't into taking risks, unless that risk has already proven itself by being wildly profitable for another company.  This is actually their MO when it comes to branching out into other markets.  Sony does take risks, and gamers appreciate that.  They may not always work out, but sometimes they do.  Right now, VR is obviously profiting them, but probably not by a lot.  It's something that may start out niche, but could play a big role next gen as the tech matures and becomes much cheaper.  Or it could stay niche.  Either way, Sony is there and MS is not.  And if it does start to blow up, MS will just be late to the party, once again.