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Mr Puggsly said:
Technarchy said:

If Scarlett is incapable of matching or exceeding PS5 performance, it's a repeat of X1 vs PS4, which won't be good for MSFT. The only prayer Scarlett would have in that situation is a slew of exclusive, fully optimized AAA titles that look and run ridiculously well, and can't be had anywhere else, including PC.

@goopy - Only a fraction of users seem to really play the exclusives. Unless its Nintendo games of course. I'm not exactly sure why so many flock to PS4, especially when consider they share many top selling games.

@Technarchy - I don't believe X1 being less powerful than PS4 was the biggest problem X1 had at launch. I'd say being $499 was a much bigger problem. X1 sales could have been boosted early on if they excluded Kinect at launch for $399.

Hence, their next console would have to be more expensive and less powerful to recreate the 2013 launch situation. These are important details people seem to ignore.

I personally hope MS does two units, base and premium. It would be good for them if they have a cheap unit and the most powerful console again.

Many Sony exclusives this gen have been selling 10, 15 or even 20M. So sorry to burst the bubble, but this gen a big portion of people bought and played exclusives on PS4. And if that wasn't an issue MS recognize they wouldn't have bought so many devs.

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