vivster said:
HollyGamer said:

Agree, next year even 3060 will be as powerful as RTX2080 . The jump from 12 nm to 7 nm+ is big on performance for Nvidia. PS4 back at the time are equal to GTX 660, which is a mid tier GPU back in 2013. 

I doubt very much that a 3060 will be on par with a 2080. As I said a 2070 is the most likely performance level. We're still talking about APUs here and I'd be very impressed if a PS5 comes even close to a 2080.

For PS5 GPU  i bet it's probably between 2070 to 2080 ish (2070 super at best/ RX 5700 Xt).  For overall performance will probably better due to the APU paired with Ryzen 3700 which will be crazy if future  games utilize it the benefit of that CPU. Remember all this times since 2013 games coming to PC and consoles are all build using Jaguar CPU based as baseline, Next year games will be based on Ryzen 3700.