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Pemalite said:
Flops are irrelevant.

So you getting Lockhart over Anaconda I guess :)

HollyGamer said:
Trumpstyle said:


"Plans for Lockhart may change, but currently this console will debut with around 4 teraflops of graphical power." - The Verge

"one game developer briefed on Lockhart analogized it to the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of raw graphical power" - Kotaku

"Microsoft is targeting more than 10 teraflops of graphical power on this particular console." - The Verge on Anaconda

What I'm pointing out there's a old leak saying that Lockhart was 4TF with 12GB Vram and Anaconda is 12TF with 16GB Vram, it looks like it nailed lockhart, maybe it will nail Anaconda too? But the same leak said PS5 was 8TF, so we might be looking at:

Lockhart 4TF, 12GB Vram, disc-less, $250

PS5 10,1-10,6TF, 16GB Vram + 4-6GB ddr4, $400

Anaconda 10,01TF, 14GB Vram, $500 OR 12TF, 16GB Vram, $500.

Seeing the specs and price, PS5 looks either to powerful or to cheap, I don't know where you getting your random TF numbers from.

New insider leaked said PS5 and Xbox Anaconda will be above 10 teraflop (kleegamer fan from Reset Era)  neither confirmed the number, Jason from Kotaku who  confirmed Lockhart resurrection also said PS5 and Xbox are on the same spec and power and both are very powerful. If Xbox Anaconda is 12 then PS5 will be 12 teraflop as well logically. But we still don't have the exact number for both, but both will be above 10 teraflop . The verge (Tomwaren) said Xbox will be targeting more than 10 teraflop and match the other insider above.

Tom warren once said "probably 12 teraflop, probably 12 probably 14 teraflop" That was he is speculation 

8 teraflop PS5 was probably the old number when PS5 were targeted at 2019 release date, They have change the plan in 2017 to release in 2020 . So the spec also have changed . Also remember it was also GCN number not Navi teraflop number. Old Spec number are bogus and already debunked because they said Xbox Anaconda are using arcturus which is stupid because arcturus is a server GPU that don't have capability of rendering graphic LOL. 

Yeah that what I meant, the old leak got PS5 wrong, everything points towards 10,1-10,6TF for the PS5. And someone over at Neogaf who seems to know a lot, based on his numbers 12TF is not possible just slightly above 10TF is, because of the heat and form factor, this on TSMC N7P or TSMC 7nm+.

Now we got Jason Schreier saying that the Vram between Lockhart and Anaconda is big, so 12GB Vram for lockhart is probably wrong too, 8GB Vram is more likely. So I think we looking at:

Lockhart 4TF, 8GB Vram 128-bit bus (224GB/s bandwidth), disc-less, $250

PS5, 10,1-10,6TF, 16GB Vram 256-bit bus (572GB/s bandwidth) + 4-6GB ddr4, $400?

Anaconda, 10,01TF, 14GB Vram 320-bit bus (560GB/s bandwidth), $500

Last edited by Trumpstyle - on 07 December 2019

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