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Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

You didn't say, but you implied that PS5 and scarlet will not using dedicated cores and will just be an RX 5700 GPU

No I didn't.

HollyGamer said:

Well consoles is not about just graphic and performance,  but about, price, power, tdp, form factor accessibility, immediacy, and ecosystem.  You argument is correct if we are discussing "  can PC run better games than consoles ", but to run the same thing on the smaller form factor, lower TDP, affordable price less TDP, small heat temperature, in close ecosystem is just impossible.

GPU's are not just about graphics and performance either, but they are about price, power, tdp, form fator and accesibility, immediacy and ecosystem.

Hence why they have a "Lineup" usually derived from a common feature set.

HollyGamer said:

Is not shifting goal post, you were asking about Equivalent hardware. TDP, and form factor, heat and price is PART OF THE HARDWARE SPEC 

Equivalent GPU hardware to the Playstation 4 is the Radeon 7850/7870.

HollyGamer said:

comparing GPU will involve all the the things above. Is not about moving goal post is about you cannot answer your own argument. and play victim :) 

False. That is what you wish to involve.

HollyGamer said:

I did not said PC don't have optimization, is just PC run games with bloated driver that and full of unnecessary programs to run games on many configuration. While console run games to just run at intended spec. The scale of driver and optimization are different. You cannot hand picked and optimized every PC games by developer, every games are automated optimize using general consensus, you need to do it yourself on PC graphic option, even some games ahs exclusives affect running on consoles.

Consoles use the same drivers as PC. Consoles are PC's. Consoles even use the same Operating Systems and API's as PC.

No. You do not need to "Hand pick settings" on PC. - Allot of PC games automatically pick settings based on your hardware configuration, from there you are more than welcomed to make additional changes.

Ironically, some console games are now going down a similar path and introducing toggles for graphics settings like film grain, motion blur and performance/graphics modes.

HollyGamer said:

You will not find any GPU on PC  that can switch resolution between 900p and 720p in Battlefield 1 automatically , this just shows Developer optimize the consoles by them self. On PC you either do it yourself or let the available option decide it.   

What makes you think you need a dynamic resolution? And even with a dynamic resolution the consoles still aren't maintaining 60fps.

I kinda' provided the evidence for that?

HollyGamer said:

Consoles optimization is a bit special then PC. 

You are missing the point entirely.

I have provided the evidence that all platforms get "Optimizations". Consoles aren't the exception.

Stop ignoring the evidence I have provided.

HollyGamer said:

So you are saying gamers will not move on to Xbox Scarlet and stick to Xbox One ? And also battleField 4 engine using different Frostbite from Battlefield 5 and One right ? 

How did you come to that false conclusion? Those aren't my words.

Umm. Battlefield 4 is using Frostbite 3. Same engine as Battlefield 5 and Battlefield 1.

HollyGamer said:

It's not just about Switch , PS3 and Xbox 360 has compatibility hardware with PS4 and xbox One. Isn't you just used Battlefield 4/hardline as example? So it's not the hardware able or not . It's about developing times, resourch, sacrifice on future games design that hindered by limitation hardware spec.

I think you are misconstruing my statements to be something they are not.

I have provided evidence for most of my points, I suggest you go read/watch them.

HollyGamer said:

If you are saying it's not economical then there is no purpose of scalability, if the engines are not economical then it's not scalable. 

Again. You are misconstruing my statements to be something they are not.

It's not economical because there isn't a playerbase that is buying enough copies to make it financially feasible, hence why Battlefield: Hardline was the last Battlefield game on 7th gen hardware.

It's not that current games can't scale downwards, it's just not worth the extra work for a declining player base.
The fact that Frostbite powered games were still being released on 7th gen hardware years after 8th gen hardware launched is a testament to that fact.

HollyGamer said:
Then scalability is not a simple word that can be thrown whatever you like.

Which is why I provided evidence for my claims.

HollyGamer said:
And also Talking about games design you cannot simply  upscale games design. You can tho downscale graphic but upscale game design ?  no chance.

You will need to be more specific about "Upscale games design".

Simple answer, Developer are worried  games will be made using Lockhart as standar more so using Xbox One as baseline. Scaling game design is impossible especially if the  CPU is not even the same. Lockhart to Anaconda probably can, but Jaguar to Ryzen 3 . LOL