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S.Peelman said:
Well, if you have 1 Flop you’re not getting very far though.

You will if you aren't using floating point but rather integers.

thismeintiel said:

He is right when comparing next gen to last gen, since 1 Tflop next gen will give you much more than last gen. He also is right when comparing across to different architectures. However, we are comparing two GPUs that will both be based on Navi, so will function almost exactly alike. In that case, Tflops should actually mean something.

Flops are a theoretical denominator, not a real-world representation of what the hardware is capable of.
It also doesn't tell us the entire complete capabilities of a part, only a singular facet.

Navi on the PC based on RDNA is actually still based upon Graphics Core Next, it even has the same instruction set, it is a hybrid design so to speak... Much akin to the Xbox 360 GPU being Radeon x1900 based but leveraging facets from the Radeon 2900 series.

RDNA 2 will likely ditch that baggage, thus RDNA and RDNA 2 even if both are "Navi" are likely non-comparable, even more so when you start accounting for other processing resources like Ray Tracing cores.

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