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" In the 2019 reveal video, Xbox cloud architect Kareem Choudhry said Scarlett could "eat monsters for breakfast," and indeed, Anaconda looks as though it will be able to. According to several sources familiar with Microsoft's plans, Anaconda is targeting around 12 teraflops (TF) of computing power, compared to the Xbox One X's 6TF, and the Xbox One S's 1.4. Lockhart conversely will sport around 4TF, and according to marketing materials we've seen previously, it is being positioned as the most-affordable entry point to next-gen experiences.

It's important to note, however, that TF doesn't really tell the entire story of next-gen systems, owing to piles of custom tech Microsoft is planning to bake into these consoles. For example, Microsoft already spoke about how ray-tracing will be a factor in next-gen systems, and while Lockhart has less raw power than the X, it will have capabilities that elevate it further than the X in various ways." 

Original Post : https://open.spotify.com/episode/54lkknVkGprvTFndHkwvzm

So during Kotaku Splitscreen podcast by Jason schreier and other Kotakus , Jason who has been leaked many infos about PS5 and Scarlet, and recently re- confirmed about the resurrection of Lockhart plan by Microsoft,  gave another new infos regarding PS5 and Scarlet. The next gen consoles discussion start around minute 24:55

so some crusical info:

  1. Both Consoles will have similar spec/power,  and both are very powerful.
  2. Lockhart is still a thing , after a past couple month insider said it was canceled but Microsoft still planning to release it.
  3. The disinterest from some developers for lockhart,  it said Lockhart will have significantly less ram, the GPU is basically PS4 Pro level,  the CPU and SSD should improve it beyond that, still developers don't want to be forced to work on lockhart and feel that the SKU will hamper next gen games progress and game innovation.
  4. He heard that PS5 launch games ( first party IP) will be all PS5 exclusives (developed using PS5 spec as baseline).  He  will probably make an article about it in the future
  5. He did not hear about what Microsoft games, but he assumed that they Xbox first party ip will target  xbox one as baseline spec and coming to all Xbox consoles (like Halo Infinite made as a cross gen games). 
  6. PS5 campaign will be focusing on accessibility  like no need to think anymore about "i only have 1 hour should i go play this?" but instead gives the option of "play for 10 minutes and stop like using netflix" per his examples and also No loading time and fast loading time.  
  7. Last thing he said, that PS5 and Anaconda are better than "graphics cards like the RTX 2080, on the  current market". Regarding this Jason stated that take this with a big grain of salt.

Remember all this rumor should be taken  with a big grain of salt, this info probably just " verified " rumor which is still a rumor. Some plan can be changed in the future. Some spec might get downgrade or upgrade, or some games might get canceled or ported.

But rest assured, because all this info are aligned with all the past rumor and confirmation from Sony and Microsoft . Like how The verge said  that PS5 and Scarlet targeted above 10 TF of RDNA GPU performance which is equal to RTX 2080.  Also based  on benchmark, RX 5700 XT (which are some believed to be use for PS5 & Scarlet  performance) are close to  to RTX 2070 super and RTX 2080 . Also past leaked 3D benchmark of PS5 APU (Oberon , Ariel and Gonzalo) has equal score to RTX 2080 benchmark score. I believe PS5 and Scarlet will be very powerful and has significant jump on graphic. 

Regarding on Microsoft Cross Gen games strategy, Mad Booty also confirmed this. Microsoft are looking for ecosystem strategy rather then platform strategy (they don't care about consoles sales). So either you played on Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xcloud or PC , you will get the same games and the same quality games (with some exception that advance system like PC or Anaconda will have better frame rates and higher resolution). They are selling subscription and promotes ecosystem.

It's different from Sony strategy that focus on hardware and individual copies sales of games , also Sony are satisfied with PS4 and want PS4 gamer immigrate to PS5 as fast as possible. This indicate future first party games will only made using PS5 as baseline (no forward compatibility for PS4) . (note: please don't confused with backward compatibility). Both will have different focus and strategy.  

Note: As much i hate Kotaku on their controversies regarding SJW , they are still game journalist that has been proven correct sometimes  and has weight regarding leak and insider info, they also  has many relation with game developer, so please don't bring political discussion here. 

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