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StuOhQ said:
Cucumberry said:

I'm so glad that somebody mentioned geist. Sure it was flawed but it was such a great game. I just wish it got some more dev time/publicity so it could have become a series. Unfortunately it will probably never be seen again. 

Geist is an underrated gem! It actually appeared on one of my earlier "Pick 60" episodes. It's too bad that n-Space folded, even though the quality of their output had waned in later years.

sethnintendo said:

Bullet shooter from hell. Ikaruga deserves in top 20.   Of course Paper Mario last great paper Mario deserves in top 10

Yes!!! I haven't played Ikaruga in years (my buddy had a copy in high-school). I remember the endless sweet, sweet frustration :D

I picked up reasonably cheap on Steam awhile back on a sale. So if you have PC probably can pick it up there for like 4 or 5 dollars during a sale.

Apparently I gotten worse but the game is all about memorization and quick skills like knowing when to change colors.  The more you play usually further you get.  However I've had friends that are good at other genres play it and they are terrible.  Funny how some people can be good at genres but then you play another genre and they suck.  It's like how you are that bad at Smash?