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Slownenberg said:
trunkswd said:

I generally agree with those price cuts. But I'd expect the Lite to drop to $179.99 and them to be cut for next holiday to go against the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. 

Yeah exactly, I expect a price cut just before the other systems launch (if not sooner). A price cut + BotW2(?) would keep Switch in the gaming headlines amidst the two console launches. $250 and $180 next November makes sense to me. The fact that they have gone this long without a price cut is crazy, historically, though of course makes sense revenue wise. I don't think there's any way there won't be a price cut next year.

I really doubt Switch will get a permanent price cut next year.  What will it be competing with?  Nothing.  It's going to keep selling strong and Nintendo is going to keep raking in the profits.  Competition doesn't come until PS5 and Scarlett during the holidays.  At that point Nintendo can offer holiday deals and bundles, but an actual permanent price cut won't come until 2021.