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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Jpcc86 said:

32 - You might think you are doing the world good by killing some monsters. You are wrong. 
Hint 2: The main character's name is a synonym for walking. 
Hint 3: Said monsters are "giants".

31 - "Well, let's see here... I ruined my marriage. Drove my best friend away. Got two psychos and their army after me. And now my brother's gone missing. But, on the bright side, there's no one around to tell me I'm an idiot."
Hint 2: This is the fourth entry in the series.
Hint 3: In part of the opening scenes you get to play a crash bandicoot level. 

30 - Already guessed

29 - No lollygaggin'.

28 - Robots destroy the world. Robots rebuild the world. Racism is still not gone.  

31 Uncharted 4

Yep, thats the one.