Zombie9ers said:

Never played Wolfenstein. I think it's free this month on PSNOW- will have to check it out!

I hope you do! I won't get into gameplay for spoiler purposes, but the game engine was top notch imo.

Jpcc86 said:

In no particular order

 Uncharted 2 – ps3
Uncharted 4 – ps4
The Last of Us – ps3
Shadow of the Collossus – Ps2
Bloodborne – ps4
Dark Souls – Ps3
Final Fantasy 7 – Ps1
Final Fantasy 12 – Ps2
God of war 3 – Ps3
God of war – ps4
Horizon Zero Dawn – ps4
Nier Automata – ps4
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – ps4
Suikoden 2 – ps1
Suikoden 3 – ps2
Suikoden V – ps2
Monster Hunter World – ps4
Skyrim – ps3
Dragon Quest VIII – Ps2
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – ps2
Resident Evil 2 – ps1
Chrono Trigger – Ps1
Castlevania Simphony of the night – ps1
Breath of Fire IV – Ps1
Ni No Kuni – ps3


See, this is why these lists are so difficult when they encompass so much content. I don't even have any God Of War on mine, and I love that series. Oooo well.

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