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Supermario28 said:
Mbolibombo said:

We'll see.

As big as Smash is, I'm sure the addition of the Lite will offset smash increase, then there's also a mainline pokemon and RFA that's going to push hardware for the rest of the year. I'd be very surprised if Switch is not up YoY compared to last year. I'd give launchweek (next week) to last year, but expecting every other week to be up the rest of the year.

I think it's very optimistic to think both week 50 and 51 will be above 300k and week 52 around 200K.

But i'm excited to find out! It would be huge if you are right.

Switch has had a pretty huge momentum since the September. All weeks but one has been up, the one were it wasnt it was basically flat and it was also the Pokemon+Smash bundle week. I expect the momentum to continue.

This week the OG switch alone was bigger than last year. Lite is only adding, not taking sales from the OG. I dont find it very optimistic to think the last 3 weeks of the year will be up. Heck even 2017 week 51 was bigger than week 51 last year, and this only with XC2 as a holiday title.