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Azzanation said:
setsunatenshi said:

1- That makes no sense. You say that a game not ending up in a goty discussion has "nothing" to do with it's quality? I would assume it's a metric, not a perfect one of course, but a metric to literally assess quality of a game compared with the competition. It doesn't mean that due to personal preference I wouldn't prefer game X over game Y, even if game Y had more critical acclaim. I'm not even talking about winning goty awards, just be in the contenders for most of the people that played them. My challenge was to go back through the generation and look for a 1st party MS studio games that were in that conversation. It's ok, I'll wait.

2- You understand my point very well, that's why you rebutted it predicting it somehow will change in the future. You go on about rumors of rumors, but the fact is, you tacitly took the point. 

3- Yep, they bought a couple studios in the last few years, that's true. So we'll see how they stack quality wise. This goes again to back up the point that quantity does not equate to quality, but I hope they do well. Like I said before, I'm really excited for Wasteland 3.

On the games comparison, I don't understand what you have against GT Sport, it's a pretty great racing sim. If something Polyphony should be releasing a lot more games. They take way too long to move from project to project, but usually the quality is top notch.

Regardless, it's absolutely obvious where the top quality first party games were this entire generation, but we don't need to discuss personal preferences.

1) There are plenty of games that don't end up in discussions for GOTY and are top quality. GOTY is dependant on a persons opinion/opinions. What I rate will be different to what you rate so that's no difference to how critics rate there GOTY. Hmm to name some games that would be GOTY discussions.. whatever you refer to discussion, but ill answer that anyway.. lets see, Ori and the Blind Forest, Forza Horizon 3 and 4, Gears 5 and I haven't even been home from work yet to look at my library of games, I am still at work writing this. (Ori isn't made by a 1st party studio however its a 1st party IP so lets not excuse that from this discussion of yours)

2) Well if I answered correctly with your point than great, you are agreeing that Xbox focus on different type of genres than Sony. Let me put it out to you that there are many type of game styles that aren't just Story Telling, Openworld 3rd person games. But lets digress.

3) A couple Studios? More like half a dozen studios. A bit of a understatement on your behalf. That's a huge difference in output, its pretty logically and obvious that 15 Studios will deliver more 1st party content than 6 Studios. If you think otherwise than I wont convince you, ill let you wait and see.

4) A very double standard post. You are trying to defend a game like GTS which was heavily criticized at launch just like the games you tend to nit-pick on, like Sea of thieves, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3. For the record I have nothing against GTS, I was doing what you are doing and picking games that got criticized and used them the exact same way you are with the Xbox titles. What's wrong with those Xbox games and why does GTS get a pass?

1- It should tell you a lot if the general consensus in videogame media is one of not including a single Xbox 1st party studio game in any of the Goty discussions for the entire generation. I try to stay away from my personal views on it, but it's pretty clear to anyone being honest with themselves that Xbox shat the bed this entire gen in their first party output, especially when compared to Sony WWS. I mean, come on...

2- You didn't present any correct rebuttal to my point, you moved the goalposts. Your rebuttal was "maybe they'll do better in the future". Great, so my point stands then.

3- Again, quantity does not equate to quality, and this was the crux of the entire argument. Obviously with more studios they will deliver more content, not necessarily better content. What's there to argue here? And they definitely haven't delivered great quality during this entire gen, when compared to their main competitors.

4- I don't really see any double standard. You're trying to compare absolute crap games with GTS? There's plenty of reasons to be disappointed with Polyphony in the last gens, but quality is not it. We're talking about 3 first party Xbox games with plenty of development time (at 2 of those being AAA titles), all of them scoring on the 60's on metacritic. Not to mention the huge support that has been given to GT Sport since deployment, the game is gigantic by now. So yeah, better think again.