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MTZehvor said:
sethnintendo said:
I picked TB which should have been GB over shitty Giants I believe. The poll had TB instead of GB. So I hope I don't get docked for poll being setup wrong

I think(?) you're...confused on several accounts.

There was an initial mistake on one of the questions, but it was the Packers-Giants game. I accidentally put Carolina in place over the Packers. You (and essentially everyone) picked against the Giants anyway, and the Packers beat the Giants, so that wouldn't affect you.

You picked Tampa Bay against Jacksonville, but that game was A: never listed incorrectly, and B: the Bucs won, so you're...correct regardless.

Well long as I'm right have no quarries.  There were decent amount of upsets last week so I'll take whatever I can get. Fucking Bengals finally won.  I grew up in Ohio and I never like any of their shit teams.  Bengals were semi decent when they had Boomer...

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