This is gonna be a bit long, but whatever, im feeling positive today, and im taking the “for you” part of the OP quite literally, so here goes a lot of praise to games I loved and defined the decade for me

Honorary mentions: Hollow Knight, Breath of the Wild and Pokemon XY and 30+ games because it was a good decade

5.- Witcher 3 (1 pt)
4.- Monster Hunter World/Iceborne (2 pts)
3.-  The Last of Us (3 pts)
2.- Bloodborne/Souls series (4 pts)
1.- Nier Automata (5 pts)

Honorary Mentions:
 Breath of the Wild cause I love it. Whats there not to love? And while I don’t put it in a pedestal like many  people here do, I still find it to be a very rewarding and fun experience. I just put it the 30th spot of my top 50 games thread so, its up there with the big guns. Much love for this game. I'd say this is the average gamer's favorite game ever, but I mean it as a figure of speech, so dont take it quite literally and expect scientific data on this. 

Pokemon XY for the simple reason that its like a self-aware Pokemon game, it knows its characters and story are shit and doesn’t bother making you waste time with them and GOOD. I rather it not waste my time like Sun/Moon and Black/White did. Im here for the competitive team building and no Pokemon game defined better than XY. Best pokemon game since Gold/Silver for me and unlike – ehem – certain entries, it has much more than just 400 mons.

Hollow Knight – Its Hollow Knight, like, what else do you want. Its Hollow Knight, It’s the perfect indie game/metroidvania, its called Hollow Knight. What else do you want.  Play it. Also its amazing.

Witcher 3 for the simple fact that it mixes superb story telling with superb visuals with superb gameplay and superb world building. It gets either a 9 or a 10 in every category  you can analyze about a videogame (for me, don’t @ me if you disagree) and its by far the best open world RPG game ever created.  Rightfully it has the record for most GOTY won ever (Didn’t fact check, but I think its still got it) and its all in all a fantastic game and experience. I’d argue that neither Skyrim nor BOTW reached this degree of craftsmanship for the open world genre. Except I wont argue that because don’t @ me.

Monster Hunter World – Because I fucking love me some Monster Hunter. Underrated franchise, even if this particular entry was VERY successful. It was about time it broke through in the west. I love the gameplay, the grinding, I’ve invested over 300hrs into MHW/Iceborne and im still playing it. Its VERY fun in a manner I hardly find in other games. Not even MK8 – and I love MK8 – gets me so invested in its gameplay.  Fun.  Simple as that.

The Last of Us – Story is important for me. Secondary to gameplay perhaps, but still important.  A good narrative/story elevates a good gameplay. Every aspect of a game counts, and narrative driven games like the ones Naughty Dog develops are a goldmine of enjoyment for me. I love every Uncharted, even if U1 feels dated now and I absolutely love TLOU. Its fun, scary, grounded, has great characters and an amazing ending . It was an instant classic when it came out and Im very much looking forward to TLOU2.    

Bloodborne – Im really thinking of the whole Souls series here but as far as im concerned Bloodborne is the best it has to offer. Best lore, best world setting, best art style – and specially – best gameplay. I love me some Bloodborne. I have squeezed everything I can from this game and enjoyed it and very few games make me wanna do that. I love the Souls series and I specially love Bloodborne.  Sekiro not included.

Nier Automata – I know it’s a weird choice for some of you, but no game of the last decade that I can think of as of right now hooked me up with its story, pacing, music, intensity and gameplay like Nier Automata did. I wasn’t expecting it to be that great. I personally think its better than Nier and Drakengard (Both great games, im not talking shit about them).  It might not be the best looking game graphics-wise, but I loved everything about it.  

Don’t  @ me. Ill maybe edit later and add like 42 honorary mentions and make this post longer because life is like that sometimes and theres nothing we can do about that.

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