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Azzanation said:
setsunatenshi said:

1- I was comparing general game quality from both first party studios, not genre specific, because that would always be bias toward whatever genre any person prefers. You consistently have Sony 1st party games in the goty discussion year after year, how many first party Xbox games were even in contention this gen?

2- "It also wont be embarrassing for MS because..." we don't know what will or won't. I said it was embarrassing to compare the output in terms of 3rd person action games. Meaning in the past, I don't predict the future. Also, "rumors... are rumored" made me chuckle a bit, it sums up greatly your counterpoints.

3- Exactly, not many games have been made by Xbox 1st party, thank you for making my point for me. They have a ton of studios and still, nothing worth noting comes out (except Forza, those guys are prolific if nothing else). Solid releases like state of decay 2, sea of thieves and crackdown 3...

1) That's a odd thing to say. Because a game doesn't end up in a GOTY discussion has nothing to do with a quality built game. Also GOTY awards can be very bias. Look at the Game awards.. no Devil May Cry 5, Gears 5 or Luigi's Mansion 3.. why? cannot tell me those games are not quality deserving games, instead we get Control and Death Stranding nominated etc. Anyway lets digress. There are plenty of quality games out each year and yet GOTY awards always shaft those games that are more niche into sub genres like racing games. Sony use the popular genre to win these awards and so does Nintendo, its very rare we see a Racing game or FPS game win GOTY these days aside from Overwatch which took the world by storm, other wise, majority win it are 3rd person games.  

2) I dont understand your point, its clear MS focus on different type games. They never really focused on big story telling 3rd person games, in fact they don't even have one unless you count Quantum Break which isn't made by MS. Gears 5 is the first to actually achieve a campaign similar to these games and that released at the end of the X1 life. Anyway lets digress.

3) They just brought the studios, are you expecting results a year later? Honestly AA and AAA games can take more than a year to make, which goes to prove my point, if the quality of Xbox games are not up to speed than they will be releasing games on a yearly basis, but know, there games take just as long as any other AAA developer to make. The studios they brought are finishing up there current projects and are now working on there next game, this takes time, doesnt take a rocket scientist to work that out.

Also you continue to nit-pick games like Sea of thieves, Crack Down 3 and State of Decay 2. For starters, what are you comparing SoTs to? Its a solid built title and is easily a AAA built game. Crack Down 3 is a developer disaster so fair enough with that one but again not made by Xbox. State of Decay 2 is a $30 AA game made by a Indy studio. I can nit-pick games too, The Order, Knack 1 and 2, Days Gone, Concrete Genie, Drive Club, GTS, Killzone and more which also copped a lot of criticism, but hey, why compare apples to oranges. Sony dominate the 3rd person genre this gen, no question about it, but you can claim Xbox dominated the Racing genre this gen and Halo is still one of the better shooters this gen, even if the franchise it on decline. Its still reviews a lot better than Sony's Halo Killer Killzone.

1- That makes no sense. You say that a game not ending up in a goty discussion has "nothing" to do with it's quality? I would assume it's a metric, not a perfect one of course, but a metric to literally assess quality of a game compared with the competition. It doesn't mean that due to personal preference I wouldn't prefer game X over game Y, even if game Y had more critical acclaim. I'm not even talking about winning goty awards, just be in the contenders for most of the people that played them. My challenge was to go back through the generation and look for a 1st party MS studio games that were in that conversation. It's ok, I'll wait.

2- You understand my point very well, that's why you rebutted it predicting it somehow will change in the future. You go on about rumors of rumors, but the fact is, you tacitly took the point. 

3- Yep, they bought a couple studios in the last few years, that's true. So we'll see how they stack quality wise. This goes again to back up the point that quantity does not equate to quality, but I hope they do well. Like I said before, I'm really excited for Wasteland 3.

On the games comparison, I don't understand what you have against GT Sport, it's a pretty great racing sim. If something Polyphony should be releasing a lot more games. They take way too long to move from project to project, but usually the quality is top notch.

Regardless, it's absolutely obvious where the top quality first party games were this entire generation, but we don't need to discuss personal preferences.