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twintail said:
Why the need for a 2nd thread?

MS are obviously just running behind schedule.

And anyone who thinks that MS are playing some waiting game has no idea how impossible that would be if they are launching next year. Deals, licenses and production cant just be finalised at the last second.

Different info and source.  Plus it's much more credible since he has connections with 3rd party devs.

But, yea, there is no way they can throw in some extra sauce in the 11th hour.  Unless they are going to release it without really testing it or they delay the launch, either on being a very bad move.  The best MS could do is to up the clock on the CPU and/or GPU, like they did with the XBO. 

The crazy thing is I can't believe MS let this happen, again.  This is like the 3rd time in a row.  360 obviously should have been delayed to work out the RROD issue.  They are lucky Sony couldn't launch in 2005, like they had originally intended to.  It's obvious that the XBO was released "hot," mainly to do with them having to reverse a lot of their DRM policies, but also one of the biggest new feature this gen, sharing, it was made obvious that MS hadn't even thought to put that in until the PS4 reveal.  Now, we are 11 months away from Scarlett's launch and it seems quite a few devs don't even have the first round of devkits.