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Recently, Tom Warren of The Verge stated that the reason that not many Scarlett devkits are out there is because MS is far from finalizing the Scarlett HW, namely because they want to surprise Sony with more powerful specs than the PS5.  Jason Schreier of Kotaku seems to think differently. 

“Not sure if the "trying to surprise Sony" part is quite right — common sense would suggest that, like with the Xbox One, Microsoft is just running behind schedule and will launch pretty hot — but I've talked to a few third-party developers who said they were frustrated by the lack of info on Scarlett, especially compared to Prospero.” - JS

Jason seems to be under the impression that MS is running behind, but will launch the console regardless and earlier than it should be, or launching "hot."  It also seems that there are 3rd party devs out there that are frustrated that they know little about the Scarlett's final specs, when they have games that could/should be launching on the console in less than a year.

The real question is what is MS doing?  Are they going to wait til Sony announces the PS5 fully, then announce a slightly more powerful console, giving devs very little time to get games ready for launch?  Or are they really just running late on getting the final HW together?  Either way, this seems like a poor decision/plan by MS, considering they need to be on their AAA game if they don't want to lose even more market share to Sony, that they gained with the 360.  Maybe MS really isn't all that worried about the HW side of the biz and are much more concerned about getting xCloud up and running.

Thoughts?  Oh, and sorry if this was already posted. Didn't see it on here.