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shikamaru317 said:
loy310 said:

Sounds like bullshit. A big ass publicly traded company like MS is trying to punk another company with specs/price? What if the dev kits Sony sent out are fabricated leaks with fake specs to get MS to react, worse yet, mislead MS? The 2 companies have too much on the line than to sit around and watch what the other is doing and then plan an entire console based on what the other is doing.

Its more likely MS got caught behind the curve and they are not as far ahead as Sony with their next gen console. 

Doubtful. Rumor is MS already had their hardware team working on early Scarlett prototypes as soon as they finished work on Scorpio (XB1 X) back in 2017. I doubt they would let themselves fall that far behind.

It’s not unheard of for MS and Sony to play these sorts of spec guessing games with one another. Leakers and developers thought PS4 only had 4GB of RAM right up until it was announced, because Sony decided on 8GB at the last minute.

All big 3 start working on their next console when they launch the current one. That doesn't prevent HW to be delayed though.

Sony didn't play spec guessing. They ramped up RAM very late because of price reduction on RAM, and only a few internal devs were informed of it.

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