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Mnementh said:

I have a bit of catch-up to do, so I drop hints for a few more games. But before that a quick look, on how the standings are on the predictions to my games. The_Liquid_Laser already has taken the lead with six correct guesses. Last year at this point he had only three and went on to guess 17. SanAndreasX is second with three guessed games.Jpcc86 is third with two. A lot of people have guessed one game so far: TruckOSaurus, RingoGaSuki, Agente42, Bofferbrauer2, S.Peelman, forest-spirit, Landale_Star, BraLoD and Farsala. Still 30 to go, so plenty of chances.

#33 Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Pikmin

#32 Guessed by Farsala: Final Fantasy X


a) The king becomes consumed by the rot.


a) The terrorist organization is back?


a) Giant monsters vs. giant aliens!


a) "Хорошо! Я буду работать на тeбя, проклятый капиталист!"


a) The character the the games in this series is named after, isn't even in this game.

27: Zelda Link's Awakening? I wanted to say Majora's Mask at first but even though Zelda indeed doesn't play a part in that game she technically still has a short appearance through a flashback.

I could google the Russian quote, but I won't.